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The EBA (Exclusive Buyer Agent) Advantage

Homebuyer Associates agents are full-time Exclusive Buyer Agents (EBA). We don’t sell homes one day and act as a buyer agent on other days.  We are full-time Exclusive Buyer Agents working for you.  That is the EBA advantage.

Summary: Information is power.  Obtaining the information necessary to make an informed choice, before making the offer to purchase, is why we say, “You make money when you buy a home, not when you sell it – so buy right.”

Advantage: We will meet with you to discuss your wants, needs and goals in a home and then work to acquire a home which meets your specifications.  We work to acquire the home on your terms – not the listing agent’s wishes.

Advantage: When we look at a home with you we will start in the basement and work our way up through the home to gather information.  Should you decide to make an offer to purchase we will use that information to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of the home’s value.

Advantage: We will prepare a written CMA of the home before you make an offer to purchase.  Understand, home asking prices can be artificially set due to competition for listings among real estate agents or the seller’s false hopes.  Your purchase price should be based on the value of the home, not based on false promises of an agent or false hopes of a seller.

Advantage: We will negotiate the offer to purchase and acceptance on your terms.

Advantage: We will work with you to secure a written inspection of your home by an inspector of your choice.

Advantage: We will work with your lender to make the home buying process smooth and informative for you as we work towards an orderly closing.