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How We Are Paid

There are many ways to buy a home…  One is the right way.

Buying a home may be the biggest financial decision you make in your lifetime.  Please take some time to read this material, understand the process, and make the process work for you. Traditional real estate agents work for the seller.  I don’t make this stuff up.  If they work for the seller that means they don’t work for you.  It’s simple.  If you don’t have a signed contract with the agent that you are speaking to, the agent represents the seller.

Some agents will sign a contract with you as a buyer agent, yet also sell homes and work for  a company whose primary goal is to sell homes for the highest price possible.  Maybe you believe an agent will work for you and against the primary goal of his or her company – selling.  I don’t.  You can be sure that we work for you.  The following will help you understand how our services are paid for at no cost to you.

Purchase Seller Agent Selling Agent
Price Commission* Agent w/lawn sign (Buyer Agent)
$200,000 $12,000 $7,200 $4,800

A – is  a percentage of the purchase price which is the basis upon which a commission is paid. Traditional agents make more $$ if you spend more $$.

B – is Commission paid by the seller.  Agents split this fee 60% (column C); 40% (column D).  Neither agent works for you.  Most consumers think the selling agent works for them.

C – is Listing agent (C), the agent with the sign in the lawn, works for the seller and keeps 60%.

D – is Selling agent (D), many consumers think this agent works for them as buyers. Not true. Homebuyer Associates eliminates the selling agent (column D) and keeps that money as our contract for exclusive buyer agent services. 

For example:

If Homebuyer Associates contract fee is: $4,700
The difference between our contract fee and column D is… $100
Amount returned to client: $10

Using the traditional real estate system to buy a home is like paying someone NOT to work for you.  Why do that?  Now you have a choice…Homebuyer Associates.  Your Exclusive Buyer Agents.

* The commission is negotiated by each real company and is provided for illustration