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Real estate seems to have many charges and hidden fees within the system; in fact some large real estate firms have their own mortgage companies under different names which can cost more than an independent mortgage lender

Let me tell you up front that I receive nothing from PryaMax Bank for promoting its site.   What I want for our clients are competitive rates, mortgage options to fit our client’s needs and good service in processing the loan.  Remember, you are doing the lender a favor when you borrow money, not vice a versa.

Kevin Kubacki and PryaMax Bank have provided competitive rates, mortgage options and service to Homebuyer Associate clients for over 20 years.  To obtain your pre-approval and begin the process click the link below and then click Pre-approval from the PyraMax website.

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If you have any questions about financing feel free to contact me or if you have other real estate related questions please contact me at homebuy@execpc.com or by phone at 414-254-4129.

Any reputable lender which provides good service can provide you with a pre-approval for a mortgage.  Do your homework and select a lender you are most comfortable with.