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Selling Before Buying

Your home is the foundation of your financial future so each step – selling and buying – is going to affect that foundation. Take some time to review our approach to selling and buying a home and see how this approach will benefit you.

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important that you sell for the highest price possible while keeping the cost of selling your home as low as possible. The traditional approach to selling and buying is rife with conflicts of interest which can cost you money. We have developed a system to avoid those conflicts of interest. We like to think of it as the sensible way to sell and buy a home.

By using a sensible approach to selling and buying a home you become the architect of your housing future. You have someone working for you to sell and someone working for you when buying – Homebuyer Associates – without the conflicts of interest of the traditional system.

In its simplest form we want to help you determine the value of your existing home (determine equity) and then verify that homes are available that meet your wants, needs and goals in your next home – all before beginning the home search.

A plan is then developed to market your existing home while reviewing what is on market with the goal to limit your owning two homes or limit the length of time you may own two homes. The traditional approach views this, metaphorically speaking, as “checkers”. We approach it as “chess”. There is a difference.

Please contact us if you would like more detailed information on this sensible method of selling and buying a home.

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