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Why Use Us?

We work for you, the buyer. We will listen to what you want in a home – style, space, location and price – and then work to locate that home and work with you to purchase it at the best price possible.

We can save you money. The recent average list to sale price for the four county area was 96.5%. That means if the sellers listed their home for $200,000 the home sold for $193,000. Our clients average purchase price was 93.5% which means the $200,000 home would be purchased for $187,000 – a $5,000 savings.

We are Exclusive Buyer Agents. All real estate companies now offer buyer agency but only Homebuyer Associates can offer you Exclusive Buyer Agency. A simple buyer agent typically works in a company that sells homes 90% of the time and “works” for buyers 10% of the time – in effect – working at cross purposes to their company’s main goal, selling homes for the highest price possible. Hmmmm? We are Exclusive Buyer Agents. That means we work only for you.

It will cost you nothing out of pocket to use our services. Spend some time and understand how the real estate process works and you will understand why it will cost you nothing out of pocket to use our services.

The traditional system works for the seller, not you. I don’t make this up. Wisconsin state statutes say that if you don’t have a signed contract with an agent the agent works for the seller. So, on one side of the transaction are the seller, the listing agent and selling agent – all working for the seller. On your side is you. It’s time to level the playing field. Use Homebuyer Associates Exclusive Buyer Agent services to work for you.

We have a process to search for homes for you daily. We will search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and For Sale by Owner market for homes which meet your wants, needs and goals. Our search is done daily and the results are provided to you via e-mail. We call it the boring, methodical approach to buying a home.

We may recommend not to buy certain homes. Years ago we suggested a client not buy a home that they liked because our research indicated a two lane home in front of the home may someday be widened to four lanes. Our client continued looking and purchased another home. That client contacted us 3 years later and thanked us as there was now a four lane road in front of the home we advised against.

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