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Words as Architecture

Words as Architecture

Words are like an architectural or rehab plan. Words have to fit.

Real estate agents (of which I am one) have been declared essential. We are not essential (words). Grocery store clerks, nurses, medical staff, and EMT’s among others – are essential. To say real estate agents are essential devalues the word.

Case in pointLynn Timm Sarver was an Exclusive Buyer Agent with Homebuyer Associates in our early years of business. Lynn was terrific to work with. To better provide (a steady paycheck) for her family, Lynn left real estate to become a nurse.

Lynn recently volunteered to go to New Jersey and help with the medical crisis we find ourselves in. Lynn the real estate agent was not essential. Lynn the nurse helping others, is essential. Thanks Lynn.

Real estate agents were declared essential because we have a powerful lobby. I understand people want and need a place to live. Let’s call real estate a non-essential job that can be done if it involves a gathering of 3 or fewer people and a process that involves facemasks, gloves, hand sanitizer, 6’ separation and preferably an empty home.

Life involves risk capacity and risk tolerance. We are in a time where each needs to be measured. An example of risk capacity would be whether you believe your job will be affected during the Covid 19 pandemic or how one previews a home. Risk tolerance is a matter of how you weather turbulent times.

The former (risk capacity) can be addressed by understanding your level of job security and following proper protocols: distancing, sanitizer, gloves and facemasks while looking at a home. The latter (risk tolerance) can only be addressed by how you feel.

We are learning how to do things differently in many facets of life. In real estate that means much of the process (loan application, loan processing, the inspection and closing) is done electronically and with a limited number of people involved.

To keep our clients safe Homebuyer Associates is following scientists’ recommendations – not politicians absent science or ideologues’ opinions absent science.

This is a team effort and we must all do what’s best for all – not best for “me.” Yeah, it’s a cliché but I’m a former basketball player and coach so if someone says, “There is no ‘I’ in team” they are correct, there is no I – only we.

We are in this together and with some understanding – putting oneself in others shoes – we can get thru this and will get thru this.

I opened with the metaphor on the value of words. I hope a hallmark of Homebuyer Associates is that we “Think before we speak and then do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going do it.”

To that end if you are thinking about buying or selling/buying maybe now is a good time to discuss a plan. The “drawing” phase of the process. We are available to talk, to draw up a plan.

If we talk it may be by phone not Zoom. I can’t speak for Mike Dupar or Seamus Holloway but I kind of like working in pajamas half the day…so Zoom won’t work for me.

For now, listen to the high school science nerd friend of yours (the one you thought you were cooler than) not the most popular kid who was class president (you can listen to me I was only class v.p.) If we work together (TEAM) we will get through this and prosper once again.

Thanks for reading,
Michael D. Holloway

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