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Tiny: A Story About Living Small

Not much text for you this month as I just returned from the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. I’ve attended Mountain Film for 6 years. The subject matter of the films causes me to pause and reflect which for me – is a needed pause.

I always run into someone, famous and not, who I have interesting short conversations with. This year those conversations included a high level CIA operative who was involved in the manhunt for Bin Laden; the first American on Mt. Everest and a guy who lives in a small house.

I can’t tell you about my encounter with the CIA guy as I mostly listened. The first American to reach the top of Mt. Everest, Jim Whittaker, also went on to become the CEO or REI. Not only did we speak but I bought Jim and his wife some fine chocolate at a famed Telluride Chocolatier – but back to real estate.

My real estate connection is that I spoke with the owner of a tiny home, 150 square feet His living experience is the subject of the movie, “Tiny: A Story About Living Small. The trailer is below. It’s worth a 3 minute view.


While I don’t advocate you buy this small I do advocate that when it comes time to buy a home you work with someone who cares about more than a sale (actually the word “sale” is not used at Homebuyer Associates.) Buying right, whether big or small, requires the same approach. I’m no Jim Whittaker but I was the first person and company in Wisconsin to work only for home buyers.

Let me know if you want to talk real estate. We’ll find a coffee shop.

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