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So My Advice to You

“So my advice to you is not to take advice from the dealers who are handing out the cards.”

There’s a reason Graham Nash is – Graham Nash.  He can say a lot with a little.  Seamus and I are fans of Mr. Nash.  For fun, Seamus is in a band (he is good) of his own when not representing home buyers and can be quite lyrical himself.  I am a struggling acoustic guitarist who stinks.

I could easily tie Nash’s lyrics to mistakes homebuyers make when taking advice from the real estate “dealers:” Zillow, Trulia, traditional real estate agents.  I won’t.  I’ll save that for another day.

If you live in or around Milwaukee, summertime means music among other things.  A past client of Homebuyer Associates puts together a very fine list of concerts in and around the area.  She has allowed me to share and feel free to share with your friends.

The concert link is below.


Information on the concert venues is the link below.


I’ll get back to the dealers and the cards later this month.  Oh, yeah, if you want to hear the actual tune it’s in the link below.   Dig summer and stay curious my friend.


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