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Maybe We Aren’t a Real Estate Compan

Watching the 2016 movie “The Founder” the other night, I was struck by a point made to Ray Kroc – who developed the McDonalds brand – by his financial consultant.

“You’re not in the burger business Ray; you’re in the real estate business.”

The money and power for Kroc were in the real estate holdings.

Over the years I’ve realized Homebuyer Associates may not be in the real estate business but in the information/education business. We don’t want you to just buy a home; we want you to buy a home the right way, which requires information and education.

On the subject of attention Howard Rheingold, a critic and writer on modern communication notes: “Attention is a limited resource, so pay attention to where you pay attention.”

Consider the sites vying for your attention: Zillow, Trulia, HGTV, real estate companies, lenders, real estate agents, family and friends. To give attention to all means “you’re so connected you’re disconnected.” Disconnected is not a good place to be when making the largest purchase of your life.

To “pay attention” to housing means creating a template for what you want, where you want it, and at what price you are willing and able to pay. What you are willing to live with and without. Sounds easy enough but it’s not.

A successful home purchase takes time, thought and discussion, not attention-grabbing salesmanship. Time, thought and discussion are the foundation of how we interact with clients throughout the home-buying process.

We help create a plan to focus your energies by creating a housing template. Don’t look at homes you can’t afford thinking you might get a deal (you won’t) or homes you think you can completely re-do (there’s a cost).

Why are you searching Zillow when the information may not be accurate and the homes you see may already have an accepted offer? Zillow doesn’t accurately reflect housing values, Zillow is an ad platform selling space to real estate agents who then sell a dream.

Remember, those vying for your attention are trying to sell you something. It’s why they are in business. Pay attention to where you pay attention.

“Don’t let the interesting become important” is a quote by an Army Colonel whose name I can’t recall. The quote carries a real estate lesson. Yes, the choice the sellers made for their kitchen counter-top or interior paint colors or their choice of furniture is interesting. Interesting, not important.

The ‘important’ are the condition of the basement walls, age of the furnace and air conditioner, age and condition of the roof and value of the home as compared to the asking price.

To the extent able we’d suggest (admonish?) you to allocate your real estate attention to those areas (literally and figuratively) that will help accomplish your goal. As part of that process you will begin to understand the importance…of the important – as opposed to interesting.

Today’s real estate market is very competitive. You’ve heard the stories, some of which are even true. If you or someone you know is interested in buying a home contact us. You’ll have our attention and we’ll discuss what’s important.

Thanks for reading,
Michael D. Holloway

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