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Do You Know What You Are Up Against?

Do You Know What You Are Up Against?

Here’s what you are up against.

As a real estate agent I read about insights meant to help agents and sellers, not you, the homebuyer. Let’s take a peak behind the curtain from a recent real estate magazine.

The article headline was: Show a House; Sell a House by Tapping Emotions. The article explains how agents can use buyer emotions to benefit the seller and agent. In essence, using buyer emotions against….the buyer.

1. “People make decisions based on emotions. Agents who involve their buyers emotionally in a home will become top producers.”

Homebuyer Associates cautions our homebuyer clients to make decisions based on information, not emotion. Our approach to home buying is diametrically opposed to the recommended industry practice. I guess that makes us Anti-Agents – the Don Quixote of real estate.

We can’t blame the agent 100%. The agent is doing her job, using whatever sales tricks are available to sell the home. If the buyer doesn’t take time to understand the real estate system – who works for whom – then the buyer has to accept responsibility for mistakes that may accompany the traditional approach to buying a home.

2. “People buy emotionally and then justify what they bought logically. To get more sales, learn how to get your prospect into the right emotional state.”

Homebuyer Associates must be the “Anti-Agent” because we spend time educating our clients to not get into an emotional state. We prefer the state of information not the state of emotion.

Information makes for better decision-making. Our goal is to help you buy logically at the front end with information, not justify your purchase logically at the backend.

3. “Be sure you spend time sharpening your axe by making your presentations more emotion-inducing.”


Our axe must be dull. At our presentations we are not allowed to say, “Isn’t this a lovely kitchen?” No emotion inducing language allowed. Much better to ask the question, “Does the condition of the kitchen add or take away value from the home?”

4. “Are you able to elicit emotions at the right time to put your prospects into an emotional frame of mind?”

Do you get the picture? The home buying field of play is not a level field. An un-level field works to your disadvantage but I’ll no longer blame the industry 100% of the time. If you don’t take the time to understand the process then it is “on you” as they say.

How un-level is the field and what role do emotions play? In my next Newsletter I’ll tell you about a $95,000 emotional mistake made by a homebuyer (not ours). It is a remarkable tale of what doesn’t always happen – but what can happen.

If it can happen why take the $95,000 risk?

Thanks for reading,
Michael D. Holloway

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