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Three past clients recently put their homes up for sale. Their homes sold within four days of being listed.  Like a good point guard, we assisted.  How?

Homebuyer Associates doesn’t sell homes – we work only for buyers. We do counsel past clients about how best to sell in today’s market. There is much competition to list homes for sale and that competition can lead to suspect narratives. I’ve seen good and I’ve seen bad on the listing side, which led Homebuyer Associates to offer a service counseling past clients about how best to sell.

Our clients appreciate our objective opinion. “We don’t have a horse in this race” as they say, which allows for objectivity.

Clients then used our services to buy their next home which allowed us to successfully manage their sell/buy process. Our counsel for selling proved correct which allowed us to time their next purchase to limit risk.

(Bears, risk, and real estate is the topic of my February newsletter/blog.)

While listing agents like to claim it is their listing of the home that leads to the sale, it can be a false tale. The market is what leads to the sale today.

The critical work is pricing your home correctly, the highest low price to sell as I like to put it. That’s not a random figure, it’s a figure based on past sales, supply/demand, home location, design and present (not past) market conditions.

Then, on offer acceptance, 26 steps (by our count) must be managed to make sure the closing occurs. A quickly accepted offer that doesn’t close is of no value.

If you are considering selling and buying, contact us for an objective discussion of the market and how best to sell – and buy – while limiting risk.

On the buying side, tending to emotions and helping people manage a wise purchase is why we do what we do. It’s important to remember that 3 (or 5 or 7 or…) anecdotal tales do not make a market. At Homebuyer Associates we continue to hammer away our message that information should drive the purchase of a home not emotion or anecdotes.

It remains a seller’s market, but we now see homes staying on market a bit longer and many more price reductions. You will still probably have to pay a bit more than value to buy a home but now, possibly a bit less more. That’s where information comes into play. Remember, buying a home is about the use of money – your money.

I remain baffled by why the public doesn’t take more of an interest in how their real estate money is spent.

Buyers continue to use an aunt or uncle’s friend, someone they bumped into at an open house, an agent who may or may not work for them, or an inexperienced agent.

Think about this:  Decisions made from inexperience – absent information – by responding to panic with emotion are not good financial decisions.

Yes, homes are selling quickly, but generally it’s the process that dictates whether you locate a home and are successful with your Offer. How do we define success?

1. Purchasing a home you want, not a home you are sold.

2. Buying at a price that limits your risk.

3. Ensuring an inspection contingency is part of the process.

I know of no other real estate company in the four-county area that takes our approach to home buying. We’ve been at it for 36 years and I’m very proud to work alongside Seamus Holloway and Mike Dupar.

In its simplest form, we are Exclusive Buyer Agents whose fiduciary interest is to our buyer clients.

Remember, it’s your money. Use it wisely.

Here’s an interesting read on vegetable gardening.  It’s a new year and I read something about resolutions so…

https://www.treehugger.com/plant-layout-spacing-raised-beds-5213954Thanks for reading,
Michael D. Holloway

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