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Real Estate Dietitians, not Butchers

Are you financially secure? The savings of those aged 55-64 is perilously low for a good retirement. Student loan debt and stagnating wages are having a negative impact on the millennial generation (age 20-35) and their ability to invest in markets and purchase a home.

You can make a simple choice to improve your odds of attaining some financial security by paying attention to how your two largest investments – the stock/bond markets and buying a home – are managed.

The change in the fiduciary rule I wrote about last issue comes down to some people making money at your expense. When people make money at your expense, plan on working longer and retiring later.

Want a better chance at financial freedom? Ask those who invest your money (brokers) or who work with you to buy a home (real estate agents) the following:

How much money are you making and what are the different ways you are making it?

The animated, two-minute video below (Courtesy of HighTower Advisors) explains what fiduciary means in very creative way. Enjoy it.


There are many examples of agents making money at the expense of you. One recent example, 2 real estate brokerages and lender (out of state) were ordered to pay $4 million in damages for requiring home buyers to prequalify with a particular lender – with the brokerages and agents receiving payments from that lender in exchange for the referrals.

A “Fiduciary,” rooted in the Latin word “fides” (faith) is someone who must put your interests ahead of his or her own. In real estate and investing that is most often not the case which is why you must ask, “How do you make money?

At Homebuyer Associates we work for you as a fiduciary. We act prudently, disclose all relevant information we are able to find with research and eliminate as many conflicts of interest as possible.

Think of Homebuyer Associates as real estate dietitians helping you make healthy real estate choices.

If you’d like to discuss the best “diet” for a healthy real estate purchase contact us and we’ll discuss it over a cup of coffee (which studies have shown to be healthy).

Thanks for reading,
Michael D. Holloway

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